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  • Mobile Personal Training: Our trainers will meet you at home, at the park, or at work to make sure you reach your goals. We bring the workout to you!

    • Strength Training

    • Cardio Fitness

    • Weight & Resistance Training

    • Weight Loss & Toning

    • Senior Fitness

    • Rehabilitation

    • Pre/Post Natal Exercise

    • Youth & Teen Fitness

  • Virtual Personal Training: We provide customized one-on-one or group workouts in the setting of your choice online.

  • Customized Workout Programs: Easy, Intermediate or Advanced workouts, A&A Fitness will create a workout program catered to your goals and schedule. Our workout plans come in easy-to-read PDFs that give both a written and visual explanation.

  • Corporate Fitness: Fitness has become a top priority for many companies and A&A Fitness is proud to offer fitness programs suited for any occupation. Our workouts are designed to help employees feel rebooted, refreshed, and productive.

  • Group Training and Bootcamps: Group training sessions are very popular and effective. They are convenient, fun and give you the opportunity to train with family, friends and others that strive to get fit and have a good time.

When you are ready to commit, our team will be there with you every step of the way. If you're ready to set up an assessment and see how we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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